Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bruges Lace Crochet - Old Technique and Fashion Design

Bruges Crochet is an imitation of bobbin lace, done using crochet hook. It borrowed the name from Bruges(Bruge) sity in Belgeum as it is famous for beautiful handmade bobbin laces. It has also been called "Russian tape crochet" as finished crocheted lace looks like Vologoda Needle Laces that are made with koklushki.

Bruges crochet is an endless road to discover, you can create your own lace and ornaments using this technique. I  love using  Bruges ornaments when designing closing. Here are some pictures of my work.

Check out my Patterns for Bruges Lace Crochet Creations


  1. Thank you for sharing! So beautiful!

  2. Much too confusing for me but absolutely beautiful. Are those your hands? Very nice nails!

  3. Absolutely beautiful (which has already been said!) but it is beautiful, I adore thread crochet and will at some point (when I find time) I shall give this a go, thank you for posting.

  4. really pretty I wish I had the patience

  5. Really pretty. Is it hard to learn the Bruges Lace Crochet?


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